Artist-In-School Scheme (AISS)
The Artist-In-School Scheme (AISS) supports collaborations between schools and practising Singaporean artists which result in arts education programmes customised to meet the specific needs of the school and students.

We hope that the AISS can provide exposure for students to art forms and art education experiences which the school is not able to cater to with its own in-school capabilities. For example, the AISS created the opportunity for students to learn drawing from professional artist Tang Ling Nah as part of the General Art Programme at Raffles Girls Secondary School. In addition, the artist worked with the Special Art Programme and Art & Craft Club students to create a site-specific art installation in the school.

We also hope that the AISS will help to seed long-term partnerships between schools and artists. In Yew Tee Primary School, for example, it is now a regular feature for Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts Ltd, a traditional arts group, to teach Angklung to all the Primary 2 students as part of the school’s Music programme. Sri Warisan also presents assembly shows at Yew Tee Primary School and organises visits for students to its Sri Warisan Studio to expose the pupils to Malay Arts and Culture.

  1. Recognize some basic components of choreography
  2. Participate in dance activities related to the work
  3. Develop awareness of interaction between dance and other related arts
  4. Apply basic skills of description, interpretations and evaluation to appreciate dance
  5. Acknowledge the importance of developing dance literacy

Education Level: Pri-Lower, Pri-Upper, Sec-Lower, Sec-Upper, JC/CI, ITE

Year: 1 Jan 2013 – 31 Dec 2014

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"Mr Ricky made me understand the true meaning of dance. Will never forget his hair. He’s the man!"
Edward, student - Deyi Secondary School
"It inspired me with a wider exposure of knowledge in dance."
Ze Jun, student - Deyi Secondary School
"It was enjoyable, fun and I got to know more people and made new friends."
Hafiza, student - Deyi Secondary School
"It taught me how to not only dance but also how to create a dance just by being creative and exploring what our bodies can do in the art of dance."
Matthew, student - Deyi Secondary School
"It's enjoyable, fun and interesting. It also built up our team spirit and we got to learn more about dance."
Jiamin, student - Deyi Secondary School
"It’s fun and enjoyable. It motivates me in dance and inspires me to choreograph a dance of my own. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with our classmates. It helps us to be more creative and have an interest in dance. It certainly does help us in our learning attitude."
Minling, student - Deyi Secondary School