The course covers basic movement principles and techniques in contemporary dance. Contemporary dance’s basic movement concepts of Time, Space and Energy are introduced to enable beginners to experience a unique dance style that is based on encouraging individual’s expression of feelings and ideas.
This course will range in styles of Contemporary dance technique in contraction and release, fall and recovery. Movements in relation to different rhythms will also be explored.

  1. To expose students to the basic movement dynamics of contemporary dance in a fun and creative way
  2. To introduce dance elements related to weight, time, shape and space
  3. To develop and build self confidence, motor skills, body alignment, balance, strength, flexibility, stamina and musicality

Education Level: Sec-Lower, Sec-Upper, JC/CI, ITE

Year: 1 Jan 2013 – 31 Dec 2016

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"Passion will MOVE you!"
Joanna Chung, Student & Academic Services Division - ITE College Central Bedok Campus
"The Art of Life programme has given the students a platform to unleash their talents."
Mdm Elyani Mohamed - Outram Secondary School
"Our students have enjoyed the programme very much! They learnt not only dance choreography and skills but also perseverance and teamwork."
Chan Hean Mei, HOD Aesthetic - Outram Secondary School
"The rapport established between the instructor and the students in the learning of dance is one of the strengths of this workshop."
Ms Anisa, Ping Yi Secondary School