MOE – 2nd Dance Education Seminar 2012 - ‘Beyond the Studio: Dialogues on Pedagogical Practices, Dance Curriculum and Values-based Dance Education’ (26 & 27 Jan 2012)
DEYI SECONDARY SCHOOL – Arts Conversation: Facilitate and organizer for Dance Symposium for Primary and Secondary School (30 May 2011)
THAMMASAT UNIVERSITY (Thailand, Bangkok) - Residency Jul 2008
DEYI SECONDARY SCHOOL - Guest speaker for Arts Conservations: Building Capacity of Visual Arts and Performing Arts Teachers (27 May 2008)
MOE - Guest panelist for Engaged Learning - The Right Brain: Rebalancing Our Curriculum for the 21st Century under The 2nd 2006 Curriculum Forum for Principals (22 Sep 2006)
WORLD PRIME - Guest speaker for Dance Education Forum for Schools 2006 (28 Apr 2006)
S.D.E.A - Guest Speaker for arts education forum under CONNECTIONS - Artist-in-School: Framework for learning and developing through the Arts (25 Mar 2006)