This is an innovative workshop that exposes students to the popular culture of Hip Hop / Break dance and the appreciation for the art of puppetry. Both forms express their interest in investigating the variables for movement within the working body (human or puppet) and their respective creation.

  1. To expose students to the art of puppetry and its origin
  2. To introduce basic movement functions and elements between human and puppet
  3. To develop and build self confidence, motor skills, body alignment, balance, strength, flexibility, stamina and musicality in movement class

Education Level: Pri-Lower, Pri-Upper, Sec-Lower, Sec-Upper, JC/CI, ITE

Year: 1 Jan 2013 – 31 Dec 2016

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"I would recommend this Moving Arts workshop to other schools because the workshop provides students with another perspective towards dance, and the puppetry aspect is a ‘break’ from the routine of typical dance practices. Refreshing."
Ms. Syazwani Amrun, teacher – Raffles Girls’ School teacher
"I enjoyed the workshop because the hip hop session was engaging."
Anisa, student – Raffles Girls’ School
"I enjoyed the workshop because the instructor started the session with an interesting game and shared with us an interesting approach to the art of puppetry."
Abdul Hamid B Roslan, student – Tampines Junior College
"It was obvious that the students were highly engaged as the instructors were approachable and managed to sustain their interest throughout."
Ms. Norzian Md Yunos, teacher– Tampines Junior College