Choreographed along the appreciation and understanding of Keith Haring’s paintings, the dance story brings audience through a colorful interpretation of issues from ‘People’ to the ‘Environment’. Visual, emotion and kinetic possibilities within the artist’s painted messages are expressed creatively by the dancers, interweaved with a series of narrated short stories.

  1. Recognize some basic components of choreography
  2. Participate in dance activities related to the work
  3. Develop awareness of interaction between dance and other related arts
  4. Apply basic skills of description, interpretations and evaluation to appreciate dance
  5. Acknowledge the importance of developing dance literacy

Education Level: Pri-Lower, Pri-Upper, Sec-Lower, Sec-Upper, JC/CI, ITE

Year: 1 Jan 2013 – 31 Dec 2014

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"Paint Me a Story" – Performance for RUN ANOTHER WAY Community Outreach Event organised by RAW MOVES & Bishan Community Centre (2 & 3 Nov 2012)
“Paint Me a Story”, Party Place at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden (27 Jun 2010)
“Paint Me a Story”, Camp Rainbow 2010 at NUS Sheares Hall (4 Jun 2010)
“Paint Me a Story” – Performance under FYI: Feed Your Imagination, Da:ns Festival presented by Esplanade (3 – 5 Oct 2007)
“Paint Me a Story” – Performance under Drama Centre Arts Festival 2005, for DC Celebrates! (9 - 11 Nov 2005)
"Interesting and graceful movements..."
Mrs Norizham, teacher - Jurong West Primary School
"Vibrant costumes, simple and understandable"
Mr Jason Chan, National Arts Council
"Very interesting and well planned dance educational programme"
Mrs Kavita Logan, teacher - Christ Church Secondary School
"Good use of colours, imagery and introducing dance to young children."
Ms Patricia Ng
"The revealing insights to dance through simple ways..."
Mr Nicholas Foo
"Allowing audience to understand dance movement...and appreciating life!"
Mdm Yip Siew Fong, housewife
"Hi, watched your performance yesterday. Would like to know if there are other such programme suitable for children and public as a form of education. Your dancers did a great job!"
Mrs Mei Sie, a parent
"Good job! Love the interaction segment. The kids manage to see how the movements links with the emotions and all."
Ms Liew Siim Wii, Xishan Primary School
"It was an interactive programme and the instructor was able to narrate the story effectively."
Ms Joanna Lee, Marymount Convent School
"The narrator was animated and that got students’ attention."
Ms Clara Sng, East Spring Secondary School