Learn how bonds are created and developed with your child through movement and dance. Both parent and child will learn about movement exploration based on conceptual idea and emotional responses that contribute to building greater family connection throughout the activities.
Both parent and child will be taught the components of Dance, namely;
1. Technical skills development (physical coordination),
2. Aesthetic through visual design and choreographic devices (dynamic range) and
3. Presentation skills through performance/showcase (expression and progression)

  1. Both parent and child will be introduced to dance/movement as a form of expression.
  2. Both parent and child will understand about body awareness, loco-motor and non loco-motor skills, muscular coordination, stretching and safety in dance.
  3. Both parent and child will appreciate and celebrate the closeness of relationship through tasks exercises.

Education Level: Kindergarten 1 and 2      

Year: 1 Jan 2014 – 31 Dec 2015 

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Da:ns Festival presented by Esplanade - Parent & Child Workshop (21 Oct 2007)