not how you move, but what moves you.


Founded in 2005 by Ms Wong Wai Yee (Artistic Director) & Mr Ricky Sim, MOVING ARTS is a specialised dance education company that promotes the awareness and appreciation of dance and the performing arts in Singapore.

Both our directors have been working extensively with local and international dance companies and institutions for over 20 years as professional dancers, choreographers and educators.


Wong Wai Yee


Wai Yee has been working over 20 years as an independent performer, choreographer and dance educator. Graduating from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1990, she was selected to bean exchange artist to attend the Asian Artist Exchange Programme (1993) organised by the New York Dance Theatre Workshop. In the same year, she was also awarded the NationalArts Council’s training grant to attend the established American Dance Festival.

Having established herself as a professional dancer for over 10 years with The Arts Fission Company (TAFC), of which she is also a founding member, Wai Yee has also performed with independent dance companies and choreographers in Singapore, Asia, USA and Canada. Her performances include TAFC’s “Ten Year Anniversary Performance” (2004), “Urban Sanctuary” (2000) and “Lost Light 2 – The temple of Dawn, Bangkok Contemporary Arts Festival” (2000). She also performed for Butoh dance company Katsura Kan and Saltimbanques at the Berlin’s Asian Arts Festival in Germany (1999).

To date, Wai Yee has choreographed 50 dance works for schools and collaborative projects with local and international dancers, choreographers and artists of different disciplines. Her works include; Singapore Polytechnic Waves Concerts (1997 - 2007); Temesak Polytechnic Arts Festival (2003 - 2005); National Technological University’s Arts Festival Seasons (2004 - 2005); TAFC’s Young Dancers’ Theatre performances (2001 – 2007); Dancers’ Inc for Arts Education Programmes in schools (2000) and the Substation’s DanceSpace – the Living Room (1997), just to name a few.

Wai Yee has taught ballet, contemporary dance, music and movement to undergrads and part-time students at NAFA from 1993 to 2000 as a full time dance lecturer. In 2001, Wai Yee’s freelance career in dance has seen her exemplifying between aesthetic presentation and effective pedagogy by offering the best of both forms: artist and teacher in schools and community projects. Ms Wong has taught dance workshop/co-curriculum activity in dance company, schools and institutions such as Singapore Dance Theatre, Chongfu Primary, Balestier Hill Primary, Townsville Primary, St Anthony’s Canossian Primary, Methodist Girls’ School, Meridian Junior College, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and Nanyang Technological University. She has also been invited as a guest lecturer in Thammasat University, Bangkok – Thailand to conduct movement workshops annually since 2000.

Wai Yee has accumulated her specialised teaching experience with children in promoting psychodynamic, that is, a pedagogy which defines and elaborates the dynamics between emotions, thoughts and movement in the creation and learning about the art of dance.


Our work is not just to mould the participants but also to liberate and set free; not to dominate but to inspire, so that participants may engage in the appreciation, diversity and richness of the dance experience.

“Not how you move, but what moves you”

We believe that the arts are significant aspects of everyday life and dance is a kinaesthetic and aesthetic means to improve individual discipline, determination, esteem, concentration and creativity.


In 2008, MOVING ARTS was expanded and sectioned into 2 departments, namely 'Moving Arts Outreach' and 'Moving Arts Studio'.

Moving Arts Outreach – extending our exclusively designed dance programmes into schools by linking it with academic excellence, critical thinking, and personal empowerment with our professional instructors.

Moving Arts Studio – promoting the awareness and appreciation of different dance genres to the public; so as to cultivate and inspire passionate individuals who are keen to learn and make dance a part of their lives.

We aim to nurture and advocate an interest in dance education in schools and the community at large, and to engage Singaporeans and others to participate in and support dance.