R.A.D - GRADED (1 to 8)

The underlying philosophy of the Graded syllabus is to provide teachers and students with an examination syllabus that will encourage the development of sound technique, relevant for the ballet world of today.

Through the elements of assessment, the syllabus identifies the skills that underpin secure technique, including core stability, weight placement, turnout and line, while continuing to recognise and reward the candidates’ awareness of artistry and dynamics. Musically inspired exercises and dances will motivate students preparing for these Examinations to acquire a well rounded understanding of ballet, and will promote joy in movement, creative interpretation and performance.

The Graded syllabus in intended to provide students with:
1. an increasing ability to demonstrate practical knowledge of the dance disciplines of ballet and character
2. a graduated measure of attainment against specific criteria
3. increasing self-confidence through the learning, memorising and performing of prescribed sequences of movement, studies and dances
4. an awareness and understanding of working with others
5. an appreciation, through practical experience, of contrasting dance disciplines with their accompanying music

The knowledge and skills gained through completion of these levels prepares students for RAD Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance, and can lead to recognized achievement at a high level in dance performance.

*information provided is based on RAD UK - Exam Rules, Regulations and Specifications